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Robot-based systems for the palletizing and handling of ceramic materials

Constantly engaged in developing innovative solutions to automate the different phases of the industrial production, SIMEC Srlhas specialized in the design and manufacture of robot-based systems aimed at reducing the production costs, optimizing the profit and improving the working conditions of employees.

The robot-based palletizing systems are designed to operate autonomously, without the supervision of any operator, and to manage one or more input lines at the same time. Moreover, the palletizing robots designed by SIMEC Srl , are composed of modules customizable to suit the specific needs of the production plants and allow to palletize boxes, packages or panels of various sizes and dimensions.

The company is appreciated and recognized in the territory for the efficiency in designing and installing robots in support of machines for the ceramic industry.  These are robot-based systems programmed by effective and intuitive software that make them to adapt to different needs in a short time. Developed to accomplish a more precise and fast production, the robot-based supporting systems are able to recognize, select and control any product, allowing the ceramic company to achieve high quality standards.

The whole range of robot-based automation systems for the palletizing and handling of ceramic materials have complex self diagnostics software to immediately recognize any malfunctioning and allow technicians to intervene promptly on the issue, thus avoiding unpleasant and prolonged standstills in the production cycle.