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Glazing lines and systems for ceramic tile decoration

Thanks to the constant study of innovative solutions and a strong commitment in achieving the highest quality standards, SIMEC Srl has long established itself as a well known esteemed company, specialized in the design of plants for the ceramic industry and the creation of automated lines for the decoration and glazing of tiles.

The systems and the automated lines designed by SIMEC Srl take advantage of innovative dosing processes to color and decorate ceramic tiles, which combine the natural pigments of the product with high aesthetic precision. According to the specific production requirements, the technical staff will develop glazing and decoration lines that are most suitable to the client, with amazing production and quality flexibility.

During the decoration process of ceramic surfaces, perfect distribution and adhesion of the colored powders and pigments are ensured by the built-in innovations of the decoration lines: the result is a fast, precise and detailed production, able to create tiles, strips, mosaics, decorations and high-quality ceramics.