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“Just as the sun in the sky blends to create sunsets,
we unite earth and colors to create wonderful furniture”

Specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of plants and machines for the ceramic industry, SIMEC Srl has focused on providing innovative solutions in the glazing manufacturing sector, creating lines and plants for the glaze treatment, characterized by high production efficiency.

The key to success is represented by the constant commitment of SIMEC Srl to search for new technological solutions to the problems often encountered in ceramic glazing and decoration lines. In fact, high production rates, the more and more intense research to create new products - with modern design and high quality – and the need to hold costs down, force ceramic industries to take advantage of increasingly innovative technologies with excellent quality/price ratio.
SIMEC Srl is now recognized as the company that has been able to respond to these issues in an effective and practical way, creating machines, plants and ceramic production lines achieving the high quality standards imposed by clients.

The production range of SIMEC Srl includes different types of screen printing machines and glazing booths for various glaze applications, as well as the manufacturing of machines for the layering of powders and granulesstorage machinessquare machinesdecoration linescompensators and accessories for the handling of ceramic materials.

Moreover, after several studies and laboratory tests, SIMEC Srl has recently launched on the market a new line for anti-stain treatment of ceramic tiles, already recognized by many ceramic companies for its innovative formula permanently solving the problem of porosity in ceramic materials such as polished or lapped gres porcelain tiles, and marbles.

The promptness  of the efficient and qualified assistance service for the ordinary machinery maintenance and spare partsreplacement is a further evidence that SIMEC S.r.l. is strongly committed in working in factual partnership with all companies and customers.