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  • News – Air blowing cabin

    Quick Overview

    The air blowing cabin s designed and built for the cooling of the tiles before entering the digital machine.


  • News – Cutting machine

    Quick Overview

    The cutting machine is designed and made for cutting raw tiles transported along a belt- or roller-line.


  • News – Glaze density controller

    Quick Overview

    The glaze density controller is designed and made in order to maintain constant the density of the glaze within the tank.


  • News – Glaze quantity controller

    Quick Overview

    The system is designed and implemented for the automatic feeding of a preset amount of spray-dried powders and grits.



  • News – Tile defects detector system

    Quick Overview

    The tile defects detector system is designed and made to detect any imperfection in the in-transit tile and then exclude it from the line.

  • News – Vapor cleaner

    Quick Overview

    VAPOR CLEANER is a tile cleaning system designed and implemented to prepare the tiles for the decoration in the third fire plants.