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1 Robotic applications

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  • Handling and palletising of bricks

    Quick Overview

    SIMEC SRL manufactures robotic automation lines for managing all the
    operations within a palletising working cycle for bricks of any kind
    and size.

  • Handling of ceramic and marble slabs

    Quick Overview

    SIMEC manufactures robotic automation systems capable of managing all the operations of a working cycle of large and very large size materials according to the “just-in-time” model

  • News – Glaze quantity controller

    Quick Overview

    The system is designed and implemented for the automatic feeding of a preset amount of spray-dried powders and grits.



  • Positioning of multi-format tiles

    Quick Overview

    Fully automated robotic tables for the selection, collection and positioning of stacks of tiles from a working area to another of the production line.